Best Budget Home Accessory Shops

Best Budget Home Accessory Shops

They say that your home is your castle but unfortunately most of us don’t happen to have a royal budget when it comes to doing up and titivating our homes. And while it is all very well getting some inspiration from home décor and interior magazines, some of the prices featured simply aren’t realistic when it comes to our own interiors. Luckily there are always budget solutions, and these don’t necessarily have to mean unstylish and poor quality products. High street shops have been taking serious note over home styles over the years, and these days you can find some lovely pieces that look great without meaning that you have to raid your piggy bank. So whatever you are looking for, if you’re on a budget then you should either get online and start clicking or hit the high street to find some gorgeous pieces for your home. Read on to find out about our favourite high street shops where you can find some fantastic accessories.


Matalan is a great shop to visit if you’re looking for some lovely home accessories that won’t break the bank, and which are practical too. They do everything from duvets and pillows, bed linen, tableware, bathroom accessories, throws, cushions, cute accessories and more, and you really could just about accessorize your home from top to bottom with their lovely collections. They tend to do themes like the gorgeous light and airy Seascape one above with its whites, pastel blues and just generally lovely seaside colours. And while in most stores you won’t be able to get furniture, if you check out their website, you’ll find a huge selection of reasonably priced pieces that will be great for everyday use in your home. For home pieces that go great together, Matalan is a great place to start.


If it’s smaller home accessories that you are looking for, then quirky Danish shop Tiger with its charming collections is the ideal place to go. You’ll be hard pushed to find anything in the shop that is priced over £15, and the cool Scandinavian design is prevalent in their products. From cosy fleece blankets with bold and colourful motifs, to tie-dye glasses, watermelon shaped soap dishes, fun tea towels and more, you can really set up a fun yet complementary theme with their collections. A word to the wise though; since you can’t yet shop online with them, if you see something that you like in store, get it straight away since the stock is constantly rotating.


Our supermarkets really are a great place to look out for some lovely accessories for your home, and one of our favourite has to be Tesco where you can pick up Clubcard points as a bonus too! A bit like Matalan in the sense that they tend to do collections, they feature everyday essentials alongside some truly stylish pieces that don’t look like they came from the supermarket! So next time you’re doing your weekly shop, pick up one of their Home catalogues for a bit of inspiration.

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