Nordic Style on a Budget

Nordic Style on a Budget

Design from Scandinavia and the Nordic countries has always be seen as minimalistic, trendy and practical and if you are looking for a cool and chic look in your home, then some gorgeous Nordic style is just what you need in your life. And the good news is it looks as though it is always going to be in fashion! First it was the Danish ‘hygge’ which is their word for sort of home comfort and cosiness, then it was ‘fika’ which is a traditional Swedish coffee break and now it seems to be ‘sisu’, which is the Finnish for guts, determination and gumption so there is no fear that this is a flash in the pan sort of trend! Luckily home-ware designs seem to reflect this since it is now easier than ever to find Nordic-inspired pieces on the high street and with more upmarket designers. If you fancy incorporating a bit of Nordic style into your home without breaking the bank, then read on to check out some gorgeous pieces.

Heart motifs are big in Nordic design particularly in Denmark where it is actually part of their royal crest, and add to this wood which is pretty much the most popular building material in the Nordic countries and you have some lovely coasters that really tap into the trend. Painted in cream these heart-shaped coasters are lovely and impressively they only cost £1.99 each since they come from budget shop Poundstretchers! Part of their Vintage Kitchen range, you can also find other heart-motif designs in both wicker and wood that will have your home looking gorgeous without having to spend much! You can check out the rest of this range online easily and find a store near you where you can buy some of these gorgeous Nordic-inspired pieces.

We’ve already previously talked about how much we love Matalan here so it is hardly surprising that we have picked one of their pieces for this article. Stripes are a really popular motif, particularly in Finland thanks to their flagship designer Marimekko, so why not incorporate that into your crockery with some charmingly striped blue and white plates. With bowls, side plates, mugs, and dinner plates in the range which costs just £2 per item, you can easily assemble a full dinner set plus coffee mugs for just over £32 which is undeniably a bargain! If you are really set on the heart theme though, they also do have some heart motifs on other crockery.

To stick with the wooden theme, why not go for a minimalistic wooden tea tray that is a complete bargain, costing a miniscule £1 from Poundland. The great thing about this little tray is that you can either have a go at a fun DIY project – how about using a stencil of a traditional Swedish Dala horse to make it really pop with Nordic style. One other thing that we love from Poundland is this snowy white house-shaped tea light holder which is reminiscent of the lovely Scandinavian style of house. Even better, this again costs just £1!

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