How to Successful Move Homes in 4 Easy Steps

How to Successful Move Homes in 4 Easy Steps

The notion of a house move can scare people. It can be a messy, stressful time for everyone involved if you haven’t prepared yourself appropriately. In this article, our home experts at Bloggies will be deconstructing the 5 steps which you should take when preparing to move home.

Step 1 – Declutter

As soon as you know that you are moving homes, it’s time to start faze one of the process! It isn’t preparing boxes, hiring a removal company or anything of this nature; it’s simply getting rid of all the things which you won’t be taking to your new home. Out tip is to go room from room with a black plastic bag, picking up everything which you know that you’ll not be wanting to take or won’t have a use for in the new home. Doing so will mean that you’ll be able to limit the amount of boxes which you’ll have to pack and carry and make the job operate smoother.

Step 2 – Box up

Ideally, you should start the boxing of your valuables 60 days before your move in date. This might seem early, but packing a few boxes a night over a longer period of time, instead of all at once a week or two before will not only make the job more stable, but you’ll also limit any unneeded stress which is bound to happen if you are juggling packing, work and other commitments at the same time, whilst being on a time limit.

Step 3 – labeling

Labeling boxes doesn’t just benefit your future self, but it’ll benefit the removals company who have the task of carrying the boxes into their suggested new rooms. Label the side of the boxes and the top, so that if they are stacked, the removal company will be able to see what is it the boxes without lifting them separately. Labeling boxes saves you both time and money, as it will help the removals company perform the service much faster if they know exactly where the boxes are going. Plus, it’ll save you from having to move the boxes into their rooms later if the removal company already has the means to do it!

Step 4 – Selecting a removals company

You really should be aiming to have yourself booked in with a removals company a month at least, in advance to the guarantee their availability to the day. We at Bloggies have heard many horror stories of people leaving the booking of removal services to the last minute, which ends up in disaster and setbacks for the movers. When we moved offices last year, we used Ablemove, after booking them a month in advance, this resulted in a comfortable lead up and move as we knew that everything had been arranged and decided prior.

Do you think that this 4 step plan is helpful for having a stress-free house move? Perhaps you have more tips which will help our readers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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