Creating a Home Office on a Small Budget

Creating a Home Office on a Small Budget

The workplace is evolving, although the majority of jobs you’ll find require you to work from a communal office space, a number of contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs has been growing steadily over the past 3 years in the UK.

Even though this might sound like the ideal situation for most workers, working from home when you are ill-prepared for it can become extremely frustrating, being disturbed from external factors such as visitors and even family members.
If you are prepared for working from home it can be an empowering and motivational setting to complete some of your best work. In this article we will be running through what you need, on a tight budget, to construct the perfect home office.


Firstly, use what you have

Before you go out and buy some essentials for your home office, look around the house to see if you have anything which can be used to help set-up the room. Think items such as storage cabinets, lamps, chairs and anything else you’ll need for day to day use. If you haven’t got anything suitable for around the house, ask some friends, as the chances are that they might have something that you are looking for, without you having to buy it. It’s all about saving the cash for the software you’ll need along the line.


Decorate yourself

The main advantage of working from a home office is that nobody can stop you from having the office looking the exact way that you want. Be creative with space without using a budget, consider hanging something which is priceless, such as your kinds artwork or inspiring quotes from your hero’s or mentors.


Always buy used office furniture

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Office furniture can be expensive, especially if you are buying from high street brands. At Bloggies, we set up our office entirely with used office furniture. Our desks, tables, chairs, storage facilities, and more were all bought from Gazelle. If you are unaware of who Gazelle is yet, they are a company from Bristol who specialises in supplying previously used furniture which has been refurbished for further sale. Many businesses over the UK have bought from the company due to the massive savings which can be made.


Minimise clutter

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Because you haven’t got a supervisor, it can be easy to let your standards slip, don’t bring things into the office which you won’t have a need for. Doing this saves you from spending money on unneeded items and helps keep your personal and work life separate. The more clutter that you have in the room the less accessible the room will become for working in. It’s important to upkeep an office which everything is appropriately stored for use. Whether that’s equipment that you work with or simply data which you need to keep in an orderly fashion.


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